About Us

We’re a family on a mission. A bunch of people who like to eat, drink and spend time together. We like to share our every day life so we can experience the love of God through relationships with one another. That’s our mission.

We don’t like to be an exclusive group of people, set by certain rules and habits only known to the incrowd. Actually, Assen Zoekt was founded with people who never went to church or didn’t (like to) go to church anymore. We want to be a group of people looking and searching for God. We believe we can find him in the Bible, in relationship with fellow ‘searchers’ and prayer.

Being inclusive also means being open to all kind of people. So feel free to come and join a service or ask about our home groups. If you’re from another country or have a different cultural background, you’re more than welcome to visit! It is one of the reasons we try to have translation into English and somethimes in Farsi and Arabic during our services. We really want you to know that being a family of God means every single person is welcome!